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Patrice Porter, Certified Educational Associate, Gardening Consultant, working with young children, sharing in her love of gardening and near 40 years gardening experience. Author of the "Bringing Out the Potential of Children" series.
Patrice also worked together with Dr. Jeffry Lant, Internationally renowned author, communicator and educator, to bring an extraordinary writing course to the world, sharing tips, experiences, tactics, stratagems, secrets and insights it has taken a full, rich and productive lifetime to accumulate. Find out more at www.writerssecrets.com

Inside of Volume 1 of the "Bringing Out The Potential Of Children" Series, Patrice walks you through the tips and techniques that she has gathered from Dr. Lant's exquisite course and tweaked them to present to young children in a fun enjoyable fashion.

Inside of Volume 2 of the "Bringing Out The Potential Of Children" Series,, Patrice walks you through what it takes to start gardening and have those early successes to bring out the potential life long gardener. All done in a fun, enjoyable fashion.
Coming Soon Volume 3 of the "Bringing Out The Potential Of Children" Series - Cooks/Chefs
More can be found on Patrice and her books on her author page at: http://amazon.com/author/patriceporter
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