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Saturday, August 4, 2018, 21:21

Childrens Book Formula

Children's books, the bestselling children’s books, the ones that you enjoyed as a kid, the ones that are currently bestsellers right now are incredibly formulaic!

They are based upon the same characters and concepts and genres and themes and settings, et cetera, and it’s just a matter of combining them in a brand new, unique way.

For example, characters, right? Animal characters are huge in children’s books, right? Bugs, cats, dinosaurs, dogs, tigers and turtles. You can do worse than picking any one of those animal characters for your children’s book.

Fantasy characters are huge, right? Greek gods. Rick Riordan created an entire career out of writing about Greek gods and making them into children’s stories. He’s got a bunch of movies out there right now. Fairies and elves and pirates and vampires, right? Spooky stuff.

Princesses. So many young girls I know go through a princess phase where they'll read every princess book out there. What about family characters? Brothers and sisters, certainly grandma, grandpa.

What about an idea? What about a book about mom bringing a baby daughter home? Maybe this is the first sibling and there’s a five-year-old character and he has to figure out what it means to be a big brother and maybe not get all the attention, right?

Now let me ask you this, what if you combined one of these characters with an idea like how to brush your teeth? So maybe it’s Sharky the shark, this five-year-old shark boy character just to make it more identifiable, right?

Sharky the shark learns how to brush his teeth for the first time. Do you think kids would enjoy reading a book like that? Do you think parents

would enjoy purchasing a book like that for their five-year-old son? That they’re trying to impress upon them the importance of brushing their teeth?

Of course, that’s a perfect idea for a book. So, I show you this just so that you see what I’m talking about how formulaic these books are. These are sort of the secret ingredients baked into all books and it’s just a matter in combining them and adding your own secret sauce.

Does that make sense? We talked about how formulaic these books are. Whatever book you’re writing, ask yourself this simple question: “Hey, can I write a complete book series? Can I spin this out into eight or 10 or 12 different books based upon this idea or premise?”

The great thing is these books are super fun to write and publish.

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