Bringing Out the Potential

Of Children


Developing Young Writers
 Step by step guide with fun games and child oriented resources. Built to inspire and get those creative juices flowing!
Packed Full Of Ideas
to stimulate and instill a joy of writing. Developing not only writing skills but communication skills enabling better understanding.


Bringing Out the Potential
Of Children
Gardeners/Food Producers

Developing Young Gardener Step by step guide
to have youngsters creating an abundance of fresh produce in a garden.
It will open them up to
the miracle of growing!
Packed Full Of Ideas, inspirations and special projects. Showing a fun and inspiring way to get into the growing process and knowing the delight of being a food producer.


Bringing Out the Potential
Of Children

Developing Young Cooks Introducing children to the joy of cooking. Showing fun ways to get involved in cooking and meal prep, spiking an interest in exploring the world of cooking and maybe even becoming a chef. Also learning about “Fun & Healthy” foods and how to prepare and share them.


The Coffee Break Author

Realize Your Aspiration of Becoming An Author - the potential is there!
Coffee Break Author - Getting past the barrier of having no time. Come make time in this information packed book that gives short easy steps to creating your book
What You'll Get From this Book
* **gets you past that barrier of "no time" and on to creating your book
***written in an easy to follow format (both digital and audio) with a condensed form also included
***broken into short coffee break size sessions with extra tips for each session.
***extra bonus of a FREE Book Brainstorming Planner to get you past overwhelm with simplified book writing broken up into manageable size tasks.


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